Planning your team building day: Top five team building ideas for work

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Planning your team building day: Top five team building ideas for work
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Planning your team building day: Top five team building ideas for work

More and more organisations are realising the value of investing in their employees and team building days play a big part in this. When planning a corporate away day, it’s important to keep in mind that every member of the team is unique, and people will respond differently to different challenges. To get the best out of an adventure team building day, it’s a good idea to include a variety of challenges, in order to bring out different peoples potential and therefore the collective potential of the group.

Identify your groups and goals

Group size is something we consider carefully when planning an adventure team building day. For larger group bookings, we would spread the activities over a couple of days, keeping group sizes manageable and also optimal for allowing everybody to both be visible and benefit from the session. Identifying your goals is key to success when planning your adventure team building day. These could be communication based, they could be about collaboration and building trust, motivation and morale, leadership and employee engagement, conflict resolution and problem solving. The following activities are some of our most popular and beneficial team building activities.


Our survival based team building days are highly engaging, placing participants in a challenging situation where they will have to fend for themselves. Adventure team members are tasked with building their own shelter, scouring the woodland for natural materials to use. An adventure team building package could also include an activity focused on tools, making tools as a team and practising safe and efficient use of them; learning about fire and collecting the ideal firewood; cooking on the fire; as well as woodland identification learning about the surrounding flora and fauna.


Another popular option for adventure team building days is to go canoe or kayaking. Canoes are less prone to tipping but also more difficult to right. Kayaks may be more likely to tip, but they’re easier for self-rescue. Taking your team to the water brings about its own challenges, for some team members it may be a brand new experience, others may have tried it before, either way participants will feel their confidence grow and should feel confident by the end of the session.


Orienteering is a sport that involves navigating through unfamiliar terrain using a map and a compass. Adventure team members are given a topographical map and a control card, which lists a series of control points that they will visit in a specific order. The goal is to complete the course in the shortest amount of time, while accurately navigating to each control point. Courses can vary in length and difficulty and we will make sure to make this appropriate for the group. It is a popular outdoor activity that combines physical exercise with mental challenges.


Climbing challenges adventure team members both mentally and physically. Climbing requires strong communication, trust, and collaboration among participants. Climbing is a great way to observe how well people work together. It is important for ensuring the safety of all members of the group, as well as for providing support and encouragement to help each climber reach the top of the route. This may involve tasks such as setting up safety ropes, spotting the climber, and providing advice and guidance on the best way to tackle difficult sections of the climb. In addition, effective teamwork can also help to boost morale and improve the overall enjoyment of the climbing experience.Climbing can have many benefits for mental health. For example, it can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and increase feelings of accomplishment and self-esteem. Additionally, climbing can help improve focus and concentration, and can provide a sense of community and social support.


Build your dream team with bow and arrows! Archery is great fun, as well as a highly sociable and competitive activity which will keep adventure team members focused and engaged as they try and hit different targets, improving their skills and confidence. Team members might go from missing the target completely to shooting bullseye shots.

Guided walks in the Lake District, The Peak District and North Wales

Sometimes it’s more about simply giving people the space to be able to talk to each other outside of the workplace. Our team are qualified lowland leaders and can guide your team on a walk that will work for your group’s levels of ability. Ensuring that you have a pleasurable outdoor walking experience with plenty of time to talk.

By organising activities that challenge participants physically and mentally, leaders can encourage team members to work together, think creatively, and overcome obstacles. During the planning process, it is important to carefully consider the goals of the team building day, as well as the preferences and abilities of the participants. By selecting activities that align with the team’s goals and the individual strengths of team members, leaders can create a meaningful and engaging experience for all participants. In addition, ensuring that the outdoor setting is safe and well-suited to the activities planned is crucial for the success of the team building day. This may involve securing necessary permits, conducting risk assessments, and arranging for transportation and accommodations, if needed.
Overall, a well-planned outdoor team building day can be a valuable and enjoyable experience for teams, providing opportunities for bonding, growth, and personal development. By carefully considering the goals and logistics of the event, leaders can create a successful and memorable experience for their team

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