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Staff member doing a demonstration of archery.

Master the bow and arrow with a We Are Adventurers Archery activity

Throughout the ages the bow and arrow have been an iconic part of mythology, military and hunting history. Today archery is a skill and a sport which is practised worldwide. Our archery sessions are an exciting way for you to test out your ancestral hunting skills! Archery is great fun and really easy to learn, making it an easy choice for an adventurous day out!

Your archery activity instructor will begin by introducing you to the equipment, and once familiar you’ll be taught some top tips for stance and hitting targets before heading into a practise session where we shoot from different lengths, will you hit a bullseye?

Archery practice is a great exercise for the brain, so while you’re channelling your inner elven princess or ancient warrior, you’ll also be improving your focus, hand eye coordination, upper strength and confidence!

What’s covered

Target practise
Build resilience
Learn a new skill

Sense of achievement
Fully qualified instructors
Children and adult sessions

Archery activity with We Are Adventurers

Archery is a skill which is easy to pick up, so everybody can expect to feel a sense of achievement by the end of the session. Our archery activity sessions last about an hour and a half and are suitable for groups of up to 15 shooters.

Archery is a great option for an adventurous day out with family and friends or colleagues. We also host Robin Hood themed birthday parties where we practise soft target archery and children get to make their own bow and arrows, see our adventure birthday parties page for more info.

What do we do?

Learn a new skill or master your technique with a We Are Adventurers Archery session in a fun inclusive environment. If you’re thinking of booking an archery activity session, have a look through our frequently asked questions.


Planning an adventure day out and thinking about booking an archery activity? Please see our contact details to get in touch and we’ll help make your adventure plans become a reality.