Spend a day underground to explore the unseen beauty beneath your feet. Journey into the depths; find vast caverns and chambers filled with exotic and exciting rock formations. Experience the history behind the natural development of caves and potholes or of the incursions of man as we sought precious metals and wealth.

Each trip is designed as a 4 hour session inclusive of briefings, kit up and safety instruction.

All caves or mines differs from the rest so if tight squeezes and crawls aren’t for you, then an expedition which has predominantly large passages and chambers can be found for your group. Getting wet and muddy is optional but great fun as it allows you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. We provide qualified instructors, experienced in group management and client care to ensure that everyone has the best experience.

Caving is also available as an evening or night-time activity as it is unaffected by the light of the day.

Lvl ONE Trips:

These are horizontal cave systems with a little bit of rope work to ensure safety in climbing small sections or lowering down gentle slopes. These trips range from large cavernous passages with multiple options to wetter versions that will test your metal as you manoeuvre through ever larger puddles.

Lvl TWO Trips:

Here we can incorporate more advanced caving techniques. Rigging ropes for adventurous drops up to 18 meters where we can further explore a wider range of systems.

Single Rope Technique:

This course is for personal development and is aimed at aspiring cavers who wish to progress their skills or refresh their knowledge. The course covers descending and ascending techniques on ropes in caves. Alongside this we will cover rope change-over’s, re-belays and deviations. With comprehensive instruction this course should give you the confidence to be able to safely approach vertical systems in the future.


We will provide all necessary equipment: caving suites, Helmets, torches and belts. It is advisable to bring your own pair of Wellingtons to ensure a comfortable fit and so secure an enjoyable trip. It is also advisable to bring spare dry clothing and a towel.


As this is a full days’ activity please bring a packed lunch.

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