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An image of Howard Newhall, the Forest School Instructor.

Experience the thrill of an underground caving adventure

For a corporate day, birthday treat or special event you’ll never forget, a caving adventure takes some beating. Spend a day underground to explore the unseen beauty beneath your feet. Journey into the depths, find vast caverns and chambers filled with exotic and exciting rock formations.

A typical caving session with We Are Adventurers lasts four hours, including briefings, kit up and safety instructions. Our caving adventures take place in caverns in the Peak District and Cheshire. No experience is necessary for our level one trips, we run Level One trips, Level Two trips and a Single Rope Technique Course, please see our frequently asked questions below for more information on the different caving adventures.

Go underground with a We Are Adventurers caving adventure to experience the fascinating world beneath our feet, and explore as part of a team with your family, friends or colleagues led by our Qualified Caving Guide.

What’s covered

Underground Exploration
Rope Work
Rigging Ropes

Peak District and Cheshire Locations
Intro to Advanced Level Options
All Equipment Provided

Explore your way with our experienced team

Some of our subterranean caving adventure spots are more challenging than others, if you’re not so keen on the idea of a tight squeeze, you can opt for a caving adventure with large passages and spacious underground chambers.

Your caving instructor will ensure you feel comfortable at all times as you navigate your way through the fascinating networks of tunnels beneath the ground.

What do we do

Thinking about going underground? For more details about our caving experiences please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What do I need to bring?

    We will provide caving suits, helmets, torches and belts. We advise that you bring your own pair of Wellingtons, spare dry clothing and a towel

  • Which caving adventure is right for me?

    Level One trips are horizontal cave systems with a little bit of rope work involved when climbing small sections or lowering down gentle slopes.
    Advancing to a Level Two trip incorporates more advanced caving techniques, rigging ropes for drops up to 18m where we explore a wider range of systems.
    We also offer a Single Rope Technique course, aimed at aspiring cavers progressing their skills, covering descent and ascent techniques on ropes, as well as rope change-overs, re-belays and deviations so you can safely approach vertical systems.

  • Can I go caving at night?

    Absolutely! Daylight has no impact on a caving adventure, so you can plan a caving trip as an evening or night time activity.


If you’d like to find out more about a caving experience with We Are Adventurers we’ll be happy to answer any questions, give us a call via our contact details.