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A group of children sat outside together reading a book.

Structured activities that allow every pupil to shine

When children learn to work as part of a team they are mastering the vital social skills that they will come to rely on in later life. Patience, empathy, compromise and respect for others are among the values promoted by We Are Adventurers throughout all of our team building classroom activities.

Whether constructing a Da Vinci bridge using pioneering poles, building stretchers out of sticks and rope to carry a stricken classmate to safety or creating a forest orchestra of musical instruments, all of our team building activities result in children not only acquiring new skills but learning about themselves in the process. That’s without even mentioning the unparalleled sense of achievement they come away with.

Structured team building activities are fully inclusive and tend to give quieter members of class a chance to shine, as well as helping the more boisterous children to better understand others.

What’s covered

Problem solving
Communication skills
Team building

Indoors or Outdoors
Boosts confidence
Improves trust

Overcoming complex classroom issues through adventure

We passionately believe that providing children with the skills to overcome challenges has the power to be transformative both in and out of the classroom. The pandemic has resulted in some complex new classroom issues, with altered friendship groups, feelings of alienation and a lack of emotional regulation all creating an environment that’s challenging for some.

We work with a wide range of schools to create an experience designed to break down barriers between children so that they can return to the classroom with an open and respectful mindset.

What do we do?

From initial assessment through to staging team building classroom activities, our most common queries are answered here

  • How does this work?

    Ahead of the team building event, we will meet you to discuss the challenges that the class faces. We will then talk you through the planned activity and look at the site where the activity will take place so that we can complete a risk assessment.

  • How many children can you work with at any one time?

    We can work with a class (30 children) or a smaller group. Sometimes, if the objective is to learn empathy or nurturing skills, we will recommend blending two age ranges.

  • Does the teacher need to be involved?

    If this is a one-off event, then we would need the class teacher and any TAs to be involved in the day so that we can quickly learn the dynamics of class and the personalities involved.


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