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Girl taking part in forest school activities.

An adventure-led woodland programme based on forest school principles

We operate in partnership with schools to deliver a Term-Time Forest School. Our instructors work with a class or year group following our adventure led-programme that’s rooted in forest school principles. Sessions can encompass a six-week half term period up to an entire school year. A qualified forest school leader or outdoor instructor will guide the children throughout their learning journey. Course content is suitable for children from EYFS to KS4.

Class teachers are informed of all progress made and challenges faced through continual updates delivered through a combination of verbal handovers and written observations, shared every half term.

The Term-Time Forest School provides a rewarding environment for those pupils who struggle within traditional school settings, which is why our investing time in the forest school ethos is so impactful. The woodland is a wonderful place to focus on communication skills, nurturing and confidence.

A group of children exploring the forest.
Children working together to build a den.
Child working through worksheet with teacher.
A group of children working together during forest school.
Group of children and teacher walking through the forest.

What’s covered

  • Curriculum-based adventures
  • KS1 & KS2 PPA cover
  • Half or full day options
  • Intervention
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Holistic Approach

The rewards of engaging children through adventure

Children get the most from the forest school ethos when a school is able to commit to a longer programme of learning. A Term-Time Forest School allows us to really embed ourselves within your school culture, where we will work closely alongside teachers and senior leadership teams to ensure the needs of the school are being met.

Typically planned and funded through PPA, pupil premium, school funds or the PTA, our sessions are designed to engage children in learning through adventure with new topics each week that explore the forest school ethos.

Child and adult roasting marshmallows over an open fire.


From our holistic approach to taster sessions and intervention work, our most common queries are answered here



“As a parent of three previously looked after children, two of whom have additional needs, I cannot rate the impact that We Are Adventurers have had for my children highly enough.
“For context both older children had significant behavioural issues linked to previous experiences of trauma and the impact of sensory over/under stimulation and differing learning needs. Both at different times were at significant risk of exclusion and a transfer to a more specialist setting. We firmly believe that WAA input helped significantly in helping them to stay within mainstream and thrive.

“The natural outdoor environment coupled with building self esteem, confidence and exploring the curriculum through task based activities had a huge impact in engaging them with learning and enabling them to access classroom based activities at a later date.
“From a family perspective it has been hugely positive as our children were around adults that ‘got them’, had huge patience and fun with them – but were always consistent and clear in their expectations. We cannot thank you enough!”

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If you’re a school or nursery setting then please contact us directly to discuss how We Are Adventurers can help bring adventure into your setting.