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A child learning how to carve wood.

Mini rafts to mudslides to marshmallows: rain doesn’t stop play at WAA!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, but it doesn’t have to be boring! At We Are Adventurers, a bit of wet weather certainly doesn’t stop play. In fact some of our activities are even better when it’s raining.

We’ve got plenty of rainy day ideas. A rainy day brings a basic survival challenge – how are we going to stay dry? Time to explore the forest for suitable materials to build a strong, reliable shelter and keep the weather out! We could also be looking at survival skills such as learning how to filter water, or playing games capturing water.

Another Forest School favourite is Mini Raft building, where our little adventurers gather materials from the forest to build miniature rafts which they then sail through puddles. For the ultimate wet weather activity, we can make mud slides – expect giggles, grins and muddy mayhem.

What’s covered

Shelter in our campfire area
Extra hot drinks
Water based game playing

Mud slides
Puddle jumping
Mini raft building

Stay sheltered in the forest with adventurous activity leaders

The spirit of adventure lies within all of our team members, we’ve got plenty of rainy day ideas and we’ll make sure you have a great time whatever the weather, as long as you’re in the right clothing!

The forest environment provides a good level of protection from the rain, the trees are our natural umbrellas, so while it may look dismal outside on the roads, in the forest you’ll be more protected. We also use tarps between trees to provide shelter, and take into account suitable waterproof clothing and you’ll barely notice the rain!

What do we do?

Our Forest School Leaders have plenty of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to keeping spirits high in wet weather – the children barely notice it’s raining! See our frequently asked questions for more details.


We believe in the benefits of outdoor learning and giving these opportunities to as many children as possible. To find out more about our all weathers outdoor forest school programme please get in touch.