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A boy and a girl taking part in an archery lesson.

Bring the adventure to your school

Are you a parent looking for a school holiday camp? If so, please visit our holiday forest school for adventure packed school holiday camps they’ll never forget! Are you a school in Greater Manchester interested in hosting a programme of school holiday activities which is high in learner value as well as heaps of fun?

If so, We Are Adventurers are interested in opening new school holiday camps in the region so that more children can learn and grow through adventure.If you’re interested in exploring this revenue stream for your school, we are looking for schools throughout Greater Manchester that have secure grounds and that we are able to access between 8am and 5pm.

The sites need to have both a woodland area and an open playing field. We prefer to be on a site where other providers are not running alternative school holiday activities, from a safeguarding point of view.

What’s covered

On school grounds
Holiday club provision
Ofsted registered

External revenue source
High value activities
Small ratios

Why We Are Adventurers?

We manage all the bookings and advertising, making organising a holiday club with We Are Adventurers a straightforward experience for schools interested in offering their community an adventure filled holiday club. We are Ofsted registered and are able to accept childcare vouchers.

We Are Adventurers have been leading school holiday activities for the past 10 years and now help 10,000 children every year to engage with learning through their adventure led programme. To learn more about the experience, take a look at our forest school holiday club page.

What do we do?

Adventure inspired outdoor school holiday clubs, bushcraft, archery, survival skills, campfire cooking and more forest school holiday club ideas. See our FAQ’s or get in touch to find out more.

  • How much additional revenue can the school expect to earn?

    We pay a day rate to schools who invite us to operate a holiday club in their grounds. The amount they earn varies on the number of days that the club is operational. If you’re interested in learning more, call Paul on 07376081561.

  • Does a school key holder need to open up?

    No, as we need no access to the school buildings. We are happy to take the responsibility for a gate key.

  • How much does it cost to attend? And what age range can attend?

    We operate at a small child to leader ratio, and as such, typically we have no more than 45 children booked onto a day.
    It’s £35 per day from 9am – 4.30pm or £150 for a full week booking (a saving of £25).
    An additional cost of £5 for early drop off (from 8am) or a late pick up (till 5.30pm) and
    £8 if you need both early and late wrap around support.
    Our core age range is from 5 up to 11.


Book a holiday club space, pay for after school clubs, check the start dates for our six week toddler programme and look at availability for a birthday party.

If you’re a school or nursery setting then please contact us directly to discuss how We Are Adventurers can help bring adventure into your setting.