Scouts need their great Bear

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Scouts need their great Bear
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A range of different children's coats hanging up on a tree.

Young people can choose some misguided idols – just think of Joey Essex, Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus.

So when someone comes along who captures the imagination of today’s youth AND is setting the right example, he should be praised to the heavens.

That’s why it was brilliant to see Bear Grylls appointed head of the UK Scouting movement – the chief scout – for another three years.

Every week, our adventurers, especially those in Years 5 and 6, mention Bear as their ultimate outdoors hero and are keen to copy things they’ve seen him do on his reality show, The Island.

Bear’s passion for the outdoors and the survival skills he demonstrates on screen in his TV shows are completely in tune with the message behind We Are Adventurers. There is no fun like the fun you have in the wild.

At a time when the numbers of children allowed to play outside is in steep decline and the numbers spending hours online is rising all the time, we need heroes like Bear to spark a new enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

If your kids haven’t seen him yet, make a point of sitting them down to show them the man in action – it may be the last time they’re indoors for a while!

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