The top five team building activities for adults

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The top five team building activities for adults
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Leadership and Team Building

Team building is a critical aspect of leadership, as it enables leaders to effectively assemble and manage a group of individuals towards a common goal. Team building is something which should be an ongoing practice for people in leadership. Bringing colleagues together to face challenges as a team allows team members to see each other in a different light.

Adventure team building activities are designed to give participants a chance to work on their interpersonal skills, such as communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution, with a view to improving relationships and efficiency at work through better communication, improved planning skills, employee motivation and collaboration.

Communication is also an essential part of team building. By fostering open and transparent communication within the team, leaders can create a positive and supportive team culture, which encourages collaboration and creativity. A well planned and resourced team building strategy will include regular meetings, feedback sessions, and team building days for team members to engage with one another can help to build trust and promote teamwork.

In addition, providing team members with opportunities for training and development can help to support their growth as leaders and improve their skills. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, engagement, and productivity, as well as support the overall success of the organization.

Overall, team building is a crucial aspect of leadership, and can help leaders to assemble and manage a high-performing team that is capable of achieving success for the organisation.

Deepen connections

Adventure team building days create an environment where colleagues can really get to know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, interests and motivations. In gaining this deeper understanding of each other, the team will work better together when they return to the workplace. Sharing challenges and experiences, especially in an outdoor environment, leads to a greater sense of belonging. Achieving team cohesion isn’t always easy, but adventure team building days are a great way to encourage trust, acceptance and closeness within a group.

Focus on a Wide Range of Skills

Activities of a competitive nature are always popular for team building days, we often find that adding the extra element of competition massively boosts productivity, this element of healthy competition can then be taken back to projects and goals at work. Other activities might rely more on the use of imagination, focusing on encouraging innovation and creative thinking, such as our problem solving scenarios. A lot of what we do at We Are Adventurers involves taking calculated risks, due to the adventurous nature of activities, massively increasing the confidence of adventure team members who are new to the activity, environment, equipment or tools which we use.

Be the Best Boss

As colleagues team up for adventure , leaders can develop insight to the scope of their team. We Are Adventurers’ adventure team building days create a positive outdoor environment which is exciting, inclusive and challenging. This type of environment allows leadership to measure where different people might be at with different skills, who is leading the charge and on their way to a leadership role themselves, and who might need some extra support or training to further develop certain skill sets.

Scheduling adventure team building activity days, whether that be monthly, quarterly or annually, gives staff something to look forward to which is separate from work projects. Showing your team they are appreciated and giving them a reason to celebrate can really improve motivation and morale in the workplace.

Corporate Away Days with We Are Adventurers

At We Are Adventurers we understand that it’s not a one size fits all scenario when it comes to team building, and we will tailor your day to fit your organisation’s specific needs, there may be certain skill sets you are looking to enhance, here are some examples you might wish to focus on:

People management
Team building and development
Planning and organising tasks and projects
Change management
Inclusion and diversity
Attitude to risk
Creativity and innovation
Problem solving and decision making

By choosing We Are Adventurers to host your adventure team building day, you’re choosing an exciting and challenging environment – the great outdoors! Team members will be out of their comfort zone, in a new environment ready to work together and solve problems. Being in nature reduces stress, anger and fear, and increases happiness – so much less pressure than the everyday working environment! This helps team members come out of their shell; in this stress-free space, people find more freedom for thought and stay motivated to get through the days challenges.

From small family businesses to larger groups, we work with you to develop the perfect adventure team building package. Here are some of the activities you could incorporate into an adventure team building day:

Climbing: Take your team to new heights with our outdoor climbing courses
Guided walks: Explore your teams boundaries as you discover new paths
Low level and high level rope work: Develop analytical understanding of intricate ropes, knots and techniques
Canoeing and kayaking: Test out group confidence as you take to the water as a team
Caving: Discover the wonders of the world beneath our feet with a guided caving tour
Bushcraft/survival: Scenario-based problem solving
Orienteering: Navigate your way through the wilderness as a team
Treasure hunts: Encourage team productivity in a structured and competitive way
Indoor-based exercises: Deepen the trust and connections within your team

All our instructors are highly experienced activity supervisors, and will ensure everybody gets the most out of the session, all team members will feel supported and their confidence will increase throughout the day. We work closely with our clients to design the perfect concoction of adventure team building activities, keeping your objectives at the heart of the plan.

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