We Are Adventurers Summer Challenge

The holiday clubs at We Are Adventurers are almost fully booked, with only a few remaining spaces available.

However, there are still plenty of other ways to unlock adventure in the woods this Summer!

Below are 10 challenges for outdoor Summer adventure ranging from making nettle tea to creating an egg zip wire.

If your little ones complete all 10 challenges and send picture proof to Aventure@weareadventurers.co.uk, we will send them their very own We Are Adventurers branded head buff, as seen in the picture below.

Up to the challenge? Get your submissions in by 31st August and make the most of this Summer!

Challenge One – Egg Zipline

Materials Needed: String, scissors, hard-boiled eggs, pipe cleaners.

  1. Set Up the Zip Line: Tie one end of the string at shoulder height, securing it to a stable object like a fence post or tree. Tie the other end to a post or another stable object at ankle height. Make sure the string is tight to prevent sagging.
  2. Create the Harness: Use pipe cleaners to create a small harness that will securely hold the hard-boiled egg. This can be tricky, so adult assistance might be necessary.
  3. Test and Adjust: Place the egg in the harness and send it down the zip line. Observe how it travels. Experiment with changing the height of the string and note how it affects the speed and stability of the egg’s journey.

Need help? Check out the video below!


Challenge 2: Nettle Tea Adventure

Materials Needed: Gloves, nettles, water, stove, strainer.

Gather Nettles: Wear gloves to protect your hands and carefully pick a bunch of nettles, avoiding the spikes.

Prepare the Tea: At home, remove the nettle leaves from the stems. Boil a pot of water and add the nettle leaves. Let it boil for 5 minutes.

Strain and Enjoy: After boiling, let the tea steep for another 5 minutes. Strain the leaves out and enjoy your healthy nettle tea, which is believed to have benefits such as alleviating hay fever and providing essential vitamins.

Need help? Check out the video below!


Challenge 3: Homemade Bird Feeders

Materials Needed: String, Hoops cereal.

Thread the Cereal: Cut a piece of string to your desired length. Thread the Hoops cereal onto the string, tying a knot at the bottom to prevent the cereal from slipping off.

Hang the Feeder: Once the string is half-filled with cereal, tie it securely to a tree branch, washing line, or another elevated spot in your garden. This will attract birds, providing them with a tasty treat and giving you a chance to observe them up close.

Need help? Check out the video below!


Challenge 4: Rocket Launch

Materials Needed: Plastic bottle, lollipop sticks, felt, tissue paper, sellotape, cork, pump, football valve.

Build the Rocket: Attach lollipop sticks to the sides of a plastic bottle using sellotape to form the base and stabilisers. Decorate the bottle with tissue paper and a cone made from the card for the nose of the rocket.

Prepare for Launch: Insert a cork snugly into the bottle’s opening. Attach a football valve to a pump and insert it through the cork.

Launch: Pump air into the bottle. For the first attempt, launch the empty rocket to observe its flight. Then, fill the bottle one-third with water and pump air in again. The increased pressure will make the rocket soar higher.

Need help? Check out the video below!


Challenge 5: Tree Drawing

Materials Needed: Chalk.

Explore and Draw: Take colourful chalks and head to a local park or woodland area. Find trees with different types of bark (smooth, rough, deeply grooved) and draw on them. Notice how the texture of the bark affects your drawings.

Reflect: Discuss the differences in the tree barks you observed. Consider how the age and type of tree might affect its bark. Use this information to learn more about the trees in your environment.

Need help? Check out the video below!


Challenge 6: Den Building

Materials Needed: Sticks, larger branches.

Find a Spot: Choose a clear area in the woods or garden free of nettles and other obstacles. Look for a tree with a low, sturdy branch to serve as the main support.

Build the Structure: Place a large branch in the fork of the tree to create a central support beam. Lean smaller sticks and branches against it to form the walls of your den.

Secure the Den: Fill gaps with smaller sticks to make the den more stable. You can also use leaves or other natural materials to cover the structure for added camouflage and protection from the elements.

Need help? Check out the video below!


Challenge 7: Nature Bracelet

Materials Needed: Paper, scissors, sellotape.

Create the Bracelet: Cut a strip of paper slightly wider than the sellotape. Fold it over and wrap it around your wrist with the sticky side out to form a bracelet.

Collect Nature Items: As you walk, stick small wildflowers, leaves, and other interesting natural items to your bracelet. This wearable collection showcases the beauty of your surroundings.

Need help? Check out the video below!


Challenge 8: Treasure Trail

Materials Needed: Sticks.

Set the Trail: Use sticks to create a trail in your garden or a local park. Place sticks in patterns to indicate directions (e.g., a cross to signify “do not go this way,” arrows pointing left, right, or straight ahead).

Follow the Trail: Guide your grown-ups along the trail to a hidden treasure. This activity helps develop map-reading and directional skills in a fun, engaging way.

Need help? Check out the video below!


Challenge 9: Homemade Kite

Materials Needed: Paper, crayons, stapler, hole punch, string.

Design the Kite: Draw and colour a kite on a piece of paper, adding wings and decorations. Fold the paper in half like a greeting card.

Assemble the Kite: Fold the corners that do not have stars on them towards the pencil line near the windows. Staple these folds to secure them. Punch a hole at the front of the kite and attach a long string.

Fly the Kite: Take your kite outside. If you have limited space, attach it to a stick and let the wind catch it. If you have a large open area, run to make the kite soar high into the sky.

Need help? Check out the video below!


Challenge 10: Nature Flag

Materials Needed: Old bed sheet or tea towel, felt tips, string, stick or curtain rail.

Design the Flag: Draw nature-inspired designs on the sheet or towel using felt tips. Think about themes like recycling, seasons, or wildlife.

Create Handprints: Press your hand into mud or paint and stamp it onto the flag to leave a personal mark.

Assemble the Flag: Attach the flag to a stick or curtain rail using string. Tie the top and bottom securely. Display your nature flag in your garden or a local park and let it wave proudly.

Need help? Check out the video below!


Up for the challenge?

Complete all 10 challenges to earn your very own We Are Adventurers branded head buff! Please email us a picture of your child completing all 10 activities alongside your postal details and we will send out a head buff by the end of September.