About forest school

The forest school movement

The Forest School movement originated in Scandinavia, where there is a strong belief that nature and movement is essential to a child’s overall development and well being.

Almost every child, through their school years, spends one day per week engaged in learning activities outdoors, appreciating how to care for and respect the environment while also looking after themselves and others.

At a time when fears of spending time in the outdoors are growing, and the amount of natural woodland is decreasing, the Forest School movement in the UK has grown in popularity since it was introduced in 1995 when a group of nursery nurses from Bridgewater College, Somerset visited a Danish Forest School.

The Forest School movement is now widely supported by local government in England, Scotland and Wales, all of which recognise the benefits of children freely exploring their environment on both their self confidence and their understand of protection and conservation of the natural world.

We are Adventurers operate across Manchester, Trafford and Cheshire offering a range of different experiences to different age groups meeting the individual needs of every child. Children are allowed to work at their own pace and the repetitive nature and routine that is embedded allows the children to build confidence and self-esteem.

“Just a note to say thank you to Mike and Dom for giving Alexandra a fabulous party on 1st July….

Amelia Potter, mum to Alexandra, 5

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