Outdoor Parties

Fed up of the same old parties? Now booking outdoor parties in Chorlton, Manchester.

Outdoor parties take place in Brookburn Woods in Chorlton, South Manchester –  we’ll work with you to create a party your child will never forget and is different EVERY time. Minimum age is 5 years old.

Outdoor parties begin with game playing that allows the children to familiarise themselves with the forest setting and to understand the geographic boundaries. All activities can be tailored to what your child wants and every party ends with toasting marshmallows over the campfire. We provide shelter for parents who stay and also offer limited tea and coffee (until the hot water runs out) within the price.

Choose from one of our suggested party themes, or work with us to mix it up and create a bespoke adventure for your junior adventurer.

  • ADVENTURE: Our adventure parties include den building, game playing and plenty of woodland play – expect them to sleep well that night. Where possible we tailor the theme to work with your child’s interests e.g.  Explorers, Robin Hood, Star Wars, MineCraft, Warrior Princess
  • ARCHERY: (For children aged 8+) Our qualified instructors will teach children new to archery how to shoot safely as they develop basic skills. Experienced archers will have an opportunity to take on trick shots and play archery games including archery bingo. (NB: for groups larger than 15 we recommend this activity is in association with climbing)
  • BUG HUNTS: Love creepy crawlies? Ladybirds, butterflies, beetles and spiders are all special guests at this party. The more adventurous can try bug collecting and use our special adventurers club guide to identify the bugs before settling down to a game of bug bingo.
  • CLIMBING:  (For children aged 8+) Using nature friendly climbing mounts strapped to two strong trees, our qualified instructors will help children to climb trees up to 10m high wearing a harness and helmet. (NB: for groups larger than 15 we recommend this activity is in association with archery)
  • PIRATES: Raise the Jolly Roger and cast off for an adventure, children can weave a pirate ship from sticks and follow a treasure map around the woods to find hidden treasure.
  • SURVIVAL: Learn about the rule of 3 (how long you can survive without water, shelter and food), then get hands on experience of building a shelter, set and light their own fire and water purification and take part in our own bushtucker challenge.
  • TREASURE HUNTS: Children will be able to learn basic map reading skills that will help them to navigate through the forest and take part in problem solving games along the way.
  • FOREST ASSAULT COURSE: Age appropriate forest assault course uses a combination of tightrope walks, tunnels, balance beams and scramble nets. Children can work independently or in teams.

Parties last 2 hrs and prices start from £12.50 per child – increasing to £15.50 per child for archery and climbing. Minimum booking is 12 children – maximum number 30.

Included within the party pack are themed adventure invitations.

Optional extras include:

    • Gas BBQ Hire (£35) – we supply utensils and clean up!
    • Ration pack: picnic food pack including fruit, sandwich, carton drink (from £4.65)
    • Adventure themed birthday cake (£43). This cake features a campfire and figures of a family stood around it – some of the features can be changed to make them like you! (An alternate option of 20 cupcakes is also available priced at £35)
    • Party bags (ranging from £2 to £10, with specially created adventure themes guides)
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