Working with schools to deliver residential programmes for children from year 3 upwards.


Our year 3 residential is a one night camp typically held on school grounds with the children sleeping overnight in 4 man tents.

Our team of experienced leaders will work with your school teacher team to create an experience that works with the resources you have there. Children usually come back to school at 6 pm ready to start their adventure (and after they’ve had their dinner.)

The children will experience a sense of success as they participate in putting up the tents and creating their sleeping area together. We then lead a number of team building activities that help to develop trust and understanding of others, before a campfire supper, toasting marshmallows and a sing along before heading off to bed.

In the morning, the children will dismantle the tent and tidy the area, learning about their environment and the kit before tucking into breakfast. Then the groups will look at building their understanding of fire lighting and cordage (making natural rope), before parents arrive and join in for some final team building activity and then it’s time to say goodbye.

This is a cost effective programme that gives children an experience of a night under canvas. Activities are designed to be age appropriate and deliver a sense of achievement in their own independence.


We operate two, three and five day residential packages for schools who want their children to experience the benefits of trying new big experiences through an adventure, but also want the time and flexibility to appreciate the small experiences too – encouraging a deeper sense of learning.

We work with scout campsites across the North, the Midlands and Wales to host our pop up camps – making it an ideal option for schools where transport is an issue. We provide appropriate tents and roll mats with a selection of spare sleeping bags for pupils who either forget or who bring ones that may not keep them warm enough.

There will be 1 qualified and experienced DBS instructor for every 10 pupils so that everyone will get quality interaction for each activity and our team will take responsibility for the children overnight – so that your staff can get a good night’s sleep.

We work with you to develop a bespoke adventure programme which can include:

Pioneering: Creating various objects (bridges etc..) using poles and ropes to solve problems.

Climbing: Climbing on artificial “real rock formations” on site or tree climbing using climbing mounts.

Crate Stack: Supported by climbing ropes and harness a participant with support from their group build a tower of milk crates aiming to reach great heights.

Archery: Each group can test their skills with a qualified instructor. In turn, coaching can be offered onsite to help build confidence and raise ability levels.

Bush Craft: learn and develop an understanding of nature through foraging, friction fire and preparing damper bread.

Water based activities: canoeing, kayaking, raft building

Please call us to discuss how we can help your school to get more from your residential programme.

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