Why the healthiest kids are outdoors kids

Every parent knows that outdoor play makes their children happy – now it’s been proven to make them healthier, too.

Researchers at Bristol University studied groups of youngsters aged 10 and 11 playing with their friends, both indoors and out.  Levels of physical activity were recorded – and the groups playing outdoors were more than three times as active as those playing in the house.

The 2014 study found that, on average, playing indoors with friends recorded just six minutes of physical exercise per hour – against 23 minutes per hour playing outdoors.

With busy lives, it can be hard for parents to make the time to get outdoors as often as they’d like with their children, which is why We Are Adventurers’ after-school clubs and weekend clubs have been set-up to provide this vital ‘wild time’.

Den building, tree climbing, games, zip wires, hunts and more give We Are Adventurers’ children a full taste of the outdoor life, teaching them vital skills in a supervised and fun environment.

We promise they’ll have the time of their life – and set themselves up for a healthier life, too. Tablet time can wait when the great outdoors is calling.